International traveling requires quite a lot of preparation, and it is stressful when you own a pet that needs to be relocated for a severe reason. You have to choose the best service to ensure the safety of your innocent puppies. The most suitable option in such scenarios is availing of a professional international pet transport service. They are experts in transporting pets nationwide through air and ground transportation. Considering professional pet transporters while traveling overseas is the most secure way to carry your four-legged family member to your preferred destination.

Hiring a professional pet relocator ensures a joyful journey for your furry friend. Additionally, you can travel stress-free, knowing that your pet is also traveling safely.

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Checklist Before Hiring A Pet Transport Service

Nearly every service provider claims their service to be the best, but it is your responsibility to make sure your pet is traveling in safe hands. You can choose either ground or air pet transport to relocate your furry baby offering the most suitable services. Here, we have outlined some of the top perks of hiring reliable and reputed transportation services. 

1. Check if They Offer Proper Documentation For Pet Travel

Documentation includes vaccination certificates and other essential medical records. Many countries restrict the entry of pets without necessary vaccines. Therefore it’s often recommended that you consider investing in professional air pet transport service providers. The service provider may do all the paperwork on your behalf for some additional fee. A Microchip certificate is another necessary document as your pet needs to be microchipped to avoid misplacement.

2. Do They Provide Doorstep Pick And Drop Service?

Many air and ground pet transport services provide the facility of collecting and dropping the pet from the given address. They are responsible for carrying your furry friend safely via cargo from one place to another. If you want to avail this facility, ask about the charges and timing from a trusted pet transport provider. 

3. Select A Suitable Mode Of Transportation.

Pet relocation can be done through air or ground transportation. You can select as per the suitability of your pet’s health and the traveling duration. If ground travel takes much more time than air travel and your pet is comfortable on flights, you can choose air travel. Confirm if there are any layovers or if they are going by the shortest distance or not.

4. Are The Costs Too High?

Do the research and find the most budget-friendly option for your pet’s relocation. You can discuss the additional charges in advance and get a rough estimate of the overall expense.  

5. Is The Company Registered Or Not

Checking the company’s registration is one of the most critical points to consider while looking for a pet relocation service. Also, see if they are insured or not. When in doubt, directly ask them about the registration details.

Let Experienced Hands Transport Your Pet Safely!

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