Relocating to a new city or abroad can be nerve-racking, especially when you are a pet owner. It requires a lot of forethought and planning as there are endless tasks to finish, from vacating the apartment to shifting to hunting for a new space. But, amid the chaos of all these things, we are here to solve your problem of relocating your furry friend overseas.

Nowadays, many airlines are offering top-notch services for moving pets overseas. Here in this guide, we have listed a few tips to help you plan your itinerary safely and comfortably with your furry friend.

Handy Tips For Moving Overseas With Your Furry Friends

If you are planning on moving abroad with your furry friends on your international move, you should know a few things about moving overseas with pets to make their travel hassle-free and comfortable.

1. Do In-depth Research

Before you move, look into your destination’s pet requirements. Often we skip this step; however, skipping it can leave you in challenging situations. Therefore, it’s best to keep everything researched, from the quarantine period to documentation to vaccines. Every minor detail should be kept in mind. However, the best way to keep upto date with the latest information is to connect with the embassy of the country you’ll be relocating to.

2. Make Your Pet Used To Of Crate

If your furry friend is set to travel in the crate, make sure your pet feels comfortable spending hours in the crate. Therefore, as early as you get the crate, start making your dog sit before the flight date. The more time your pet spends getting used to its crate, the safer it’ll feel while traveling.

3. Connect With Airlines

It’s always worth getting in touch with the potential airlines that allow traveling with pets. Ask about the options, rules, and regulations when traveling with pets. There are different ways through which pets can travel via plane as some allow traveling in a cabin with the owner, while in some cases, most pets are sent on cargo planes. Therefore it’s best to get in touch with the airlines before booking the tickets.

4. Veterinary Check-in

Before moving pets overseas, it is recommendable that you take them for a full medical checkup. Further, ensure they are ready to travel by checking their breed and medical conditions, as some breeds are prone and susceptible to heat stroke or breathing problems. Also, your pet should be up-to-date with all the vaccinations.

5. Make Sure You Have A Perfect Size Crate

Last but not least, before moving pets overseas, you should invest in the right size crate. If your pup doesn’t fit well in it, your pet can become uncomfortable and can get cranky. Thus to avoid it, always consider while buying a crate for your dog that it can be used during air travel. Therefore look for a larger crate so your pet can easily move in it.

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